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Ramie embodies the Rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, weaving together Aromatics, Marinades, and quality ingredients that truly Inspire the dining Experience.

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Get to Know Us

Ramie is the sister restaurant of Ba Sa Restaurant located in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Ba Sa is a restaurant envisioned by the second generation of the Nguyen family. Siblings Trinh and Thai have created a menu that showcases traditional Vietnamese dishes inspired by French techniques and the abundance of products found in the Pacific Northwest. ​


Ramie is our love letter to contemporary Vietnamese food. We take pride in showcasing traditional Vietnamese dishes made using innovative and creative techniques to provide guests with an invigorating dining experience.  We look forward to sharing our vision with Seattle and beyond. Join us.


Discover the Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation at Ramie. Reserve Your Table Today!


Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Ramie

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