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Ăn Chơi

Bánh Tiêu

hollow bread - honey butter, fleur de sel and black sesame

Mắm Kho Quẹt

vegetable dip - seasonal vegetables, taro puree, mam, anchovies, shrimp powder and chicharrones

Gluten free

Gỏi Cá

hamachi - hamachi crudo, lime leaf, herbs, ramps, stinging nettle oil, thinh, and garlic chips served with kumquat nuoc cham

Gluten free

Mosaic Bò Tái Chanh

carpaccio - porcini ash wagyu, xa lach son, onion, fried shallots served with nuoc cham

Gluten free

Nấm Chiên Nước Mắm

mushroom - queen’s oyster mushroom valute, lime and fish sauce reduction

Gluten free

Bánh Cuốn

rice roll - shrimp butter, rice roll, fried shallots, tiger shrimp, ground pork, woodear mushroom served with nuoc cham

Gluten free

Bắp Cải Cuộn

cabbage roll - cabbage pork roll, pork velouté and coriander oil

Gluten free

Canh Khoai Mỡ

risotto - puree purple yam, lotus chips, ngo om and ngo gai pesto


Cơm Cháy

charred rice - egg yolk jam, anchovy aioli, pork floss and confit scallion

Gluten free

Ăn Mạnh

Gà Nướng Muối Ớt

chicken - mary’s half chicken, muoi ot/chili salt seasoning, charred kale and onion

Gluten free

Cá Chiên

branzino - fried branzino, chili sambal, chimichuri, kimchi cucumber and onsen egg fish sauce

Gluten free

Giò Giả Cầy

trotter - butter lettuce, shiso, diep ca, rau ram, serrano, purple radish and pickled garlic

Gluten free

Tráng Miệng

Chè Đậu Đen

black bean - black bean mousse, hibiscus coconut champagne foam, peanut miso praliné, sesame and tapioca chips

Chè Thái

fruit cup - coconut pavlova, fruit milk ice cream, jackfruit veil, chestnut, red dragon fruit, durian, strawberry, pandan and green perilla

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